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Sandfield Tower has been something of an obsession for us ever since we first noticed the building on Queens Drive when stuck in a traffic jam. Why was the building in such a poor state? Was it being demolished? Who owned the property, and more importantly, what was the history of the building?

We lay no claim to the building, nor are qualified in any aspect to take on the renovation of the building, not only because it is still privately owned, but as the years have gone on, we have constantly campaigned for this building to be recognised by local and national bodies. These have included Liverpool City Council, the Liverpool Echo's Stop the Rot campaign, and nationally we have spoken to both SAVE Britain's Heritage and English Heritage.
Although the City Council have secured the building, people are still getting in to further damage the interior. We believe that this is now a last ditch attempt to stop the building from being demolished on 'unsafe grounds' and urge anyone who wishes to see this fine building restored, to write to their local councillor and also write to Liverpool City Council.

A Grade 2 listed building and of importance to our history, this building must be saved. Should you have any further information on this building, whether you have information on the history, or more importantly, pictures of the interior/exterior, please do get in contact.

Jonathon Wild - Proprietor of Braygreen 


Visitors to the building today have to take care when crossing the entrance chamber, especially when there is an 8 foot drop in to the basement due to the lack of floor left in this space.  
The building, even from this area would have been a grand area to welcome guests in to the building. they would have the choice to go directly in to the Drawing room to the left or head futher along the hallway to the fireplace. Once at the fireplace, they could then turn left in to the Dining Room or right to the stairs.

We have added some 3D designs of what the interior of the building could look like. 

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