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Sandfield Tower stands in its own acre sized plot on Queens Drive but as maps have previously shown, there was far more land attached than there is today. A sizable open sweeping drive at the front of the property and out to the side, the building had land at the rear and wasn’t buttressed up to the present-day houses. Included in this plot of land is now Sandfield Park Nursery.

When the Fourth Church of Christ Scientist vacated Sandfield Tower, they erected this building for their new Church and presumably sold off Sandfield Tower and the remaining plot of land to cover costs for this new build.

There are two entrances at the front of the building. The main private entrance but also what I believe to have been the servants quarters entrance at the side. There is also access to the cellar from a small doorway on the left-hand side by the servants’ quarters entrance too. The outer perimeter wall survives in parts. Originally there were no entrances on Queens Drive as we see today, the private entrance being further along, but the ‘exit’ gates and stone pillars can still be seen on North Drive as used today by the Sandfield Park Nursery. There is sadly no side wall as this was removed many years ago, possibly to gain access to the building and grounds for restoration back then.
At the rear of the property was an original conservatory, although this has long gone now and there is now a large drop at the rear of the property where this once stood.

Taken in 1931, this shows the earliest known image of Sandfield Tower both front and rear (above and below)

Below shows the view of the property in the late 1990's, still in a reasonable condition. 

Below shows my first view of Sandfield Tower up close. 

A selection of images showing the exterior of the property. 

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