Sandfield Tower stands in its own acre sized plot on Queens Drive, but once had more land until the Fourth Church of Christ the Scientist build a new building within its grounds, which is now Sandfield Park Nursey. The building was also last featured on BBC North West Tonight.




The building has also featured in numerous articles from the Liverpool Echo when they have featured the Stop the Rot campaign.

Furthermore, when news of the possible saving of the building came to light, the local paper once again reported on its progress. Sadly, there has been nothing achieved in the 20 years of my personal campaigning so far - as long as the building is still standing then it will be highlighted as much as possible.


On the second visit to Sandfield Tower, this time in daylight and still able to access the property by the lack of security, footage was taken of the interior of the property. This is viewed from standing in the basement area and viewing the interior showing the porch, tower and adjacent rooms. It is obvious that the building has been fire damaged on a number of occasions and heavily vandalised though the internal structure is still in place.  With the building having a sandstone outer wall, it is safe to assume that this has been the reason why the property is still standing and we can only thank the original builders for their use of sandstone blocks. There is no access to any of the upper floors or the tower but it is possible to get a glimpse of the layout of the upper floors and what they would have once looked like. We can only hope that this building can be restored to its former glory, as a past glimpse in to the now few remaining properties in and around Sandfield Park.

When the Fourth Christ the Scientist Church built the new building which is now the Nursery on the corner, Sandfield Tower subsequently fell vacant and was sold on to the present owner.  During the time that it was vacant, it was a target for vandals who have broken in over the years.  


Although the property has now been fully secured, a while ago there was no side fence to the property and  anyone could literally walk in off the street in to the gardens.   While there was a heavy iron door which locked the way to the entrance, one of the steel shuttering windows had been taken off over time and access in to the property appeared to be through this window.  During this time, Sandfield Tower was fire damaged in most of the building, with only the left hand side appearing to have the roof intact. However over time, people have got in to wreck what was left of the internal decoration.