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Once this would have been a highly kept Villa with splendid paneling, high ceilings and roaring fireplaces, now left to the mercy of the weather. It was possible to view both the upper floor and the lower floor while standing on parts of the ground floor.  Where the roof was intact, the floor was well covered and had little wear, but with sections that were exposed to the rain, the floor was very brittle and often missing in parts. The front room would have been an excellent welcoming feature of the house when you came up from the winding driveway.


Sandfield Tower is a four story Villa and has a very large basement area, such is the norm for a house of the period. There are 10 doorways in total. Although they have been standing empty for sometime, they are still in good condition, although it is difficult to tell how well they were furnished, if at all.


The exterior of the building shows that upstairs appears to be the same dimensions as the ground floor, with the porch area now part of the sandstone tower rising up through the building. From the ground floor hall, the staircase is a single flight up to the second level. It finishes on the right hand side and meets the second floor where it is possible to access all rooms from this location.

"...the view from the top of the tower commands the rolling fields forth and beyond..."

From the second floor, we walk down the landing in to the floor of the tower. Here is a well-lit room due to the main window facing from the front of the building.  


The room is L shaped and it is possible to walk through from this room to the next room which is in the left hand corner of the building, above the small room which is downstairs to the left of the porch.

A fireplace sits on the right hand side of the room which has a door either side to adjacent rooms, perhaps leading to a private bathroom. There is still a high ceiling to the bedroom and it is very spacious in overall dimension. Crossing the landing from the rear rooms to the front room, here again is a very large bedroom with the same size dimension as the front room below.  Although it is not possible to get to the second floor due to the absence of stairs in the property, it is plain to see that most of the rooms are in a very poor state. Missing roof space to the right hand side of the property is damaging all the woodwork for the ceiling, or at least what is left of the ceiling and most of the ceiling on both floors disappeared when the building was fire damaged. It is still possible to get an idea of the upstairs rooms as they appear to mirror the size of the downstairs rooms and are large in proportion. How splendid it would have been to take a view from the finished Master bedroom when first built to see very little built up in the surrounding area.

There is a side door from the left hand side room which leads in to the main back bedroom. Here is a room of good size which matches the footprint of the room downstairs.  Three large windows let the natural light in to this room, and although not as grand as the windows downstairs, they are of good proportion.